Appellant/Applicant Forms

Municipality/Approval Authority Submission Form

Other Forms

Note:  Please be advised that any forms that require filing with the Tribunal Registrar should be filed in hard copy only.  If you also wish to send a copy of your form by email, send it directly to the assigned Tribunal Case Coordinator.  It is not necessary to copy the Registrar on emails.

  • Request for Issuance of a Summons to Witness (WordPDF
  • Request for Adjournment (WordPDF)
  • Acknowledgement of Expert Duty (WordPDF
  • Sample Affidavit of Service (WordPDF)
  • Request for Certified Exhibit (WordPDF)
  • Certified Decision Request Form (WordPDF)
  • Certificate of Service (WordPDF)
  • Constitutional Question (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Motion (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Reply (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Response to Motion (WordPDF)
  • Sample Affidavit (WordPDF
  • Sample Procedural Order (With Attachment) (WordPDF
  • Sample Synopsis (WordPDF
  • Submission Form – Case Management Conference (WordPDF)
  • Sample Notice – Case Management Conference (Word | PDF)
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