Legislation and Rules


Legislation gives specific jurisdiction and authority to the Board, which is governed by the following acts:

The Ontario Heritage Act gives municipalities and the provincial government powers to preserve the heritage of Ontario. The primary focus of the act is the protection of cultural heritage properties and archaeological sites. The legislation also mandates the Ontario Heritage Trust, a Crown agency, and the Conservation Review Board.

The Statutory Powers Procedure Act defines rules and procedures for various tribunal proceedings such as hearings and motions.

Rules of Practice and Procedure

Effective: April 1, 2015

The CRB has made minor housekeeping amendments to its Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The objectives of the amendments are to modernize existing practices, more clearly articulate party obligations, and align certain provisions with applicable legislation. The CRB expects the revisions to reduce administrative obligations on parties to CRB proceedings and clarify other procedures resulting in a more effective hearing process.

New: December 6, 2019

The Conservation Review Board (CRB) is proposing to update its Rules of Practice and Procedure. The proposed Rules will replace the existing rules and apply to all matters as of the effective date.  No substantive changes have been made or additional burdens placed on parties.  The revisions include making the Rules easier to read by removing commentary, more clearly outlining requirements for parties, and making necessary amendments to accord with the implementation of cluster-wide policies.

Please note that the proposed Rules as posted do not contain the CRB’s Forms, but these will be included in the final version.

Comments on the proposed rules may be sent to conservation.review.board@ontario.ca by December 20, 2019.  The CRB anticipates the new rules taking effect in late December 2019.

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