Do not send payment information by email. The Board does not accept any form of payment via email (e.g. credit card or debit card information).

Effective January 16 2017, the Province of Ontario will no longer accept payments by AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CARD. The Province continues to accept payments by VISA CREDIT CARD, MASTERCARD CREDIT CARD and INTERAC DEBIT CARD.

Note: Documents you submit to the Board are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.

Filing An Appeal

  • Assessment Appeal Form (Word | PDF) 

E-File: File your appeal directly through the ARB website and receive $10 discount!

Request an Extension for your RFR

  • Request for Reconsideration Extension Form – 2017-2020 (Word PDF)

ARB Hearing Process Forms

  • Request to Dismiss a General Proceedings Appeal (Word | PDF)
  • Settlement Conference Brief Template (Word | PDF)
  • Combined Appeal Form (Word | PDF) 
  • Expedited Board Directions Form (Word | PDF
  • Expert Duty Form (Word | PDF)
  • Notice of Mandatory Meeting to the ARB (Word | PDF)
  • Special Property Form (Word | PDF)
  • Special Property Program Guideline (Word | PDF)
  • Notice of Motion Template (Word | PDF)
  • Request for Review (Word | PDF)
  • Request for Summons Form (Word | PDF)
  • Withdrawal Form (Word PDF)
  • Motion to Request Disclosure (Word)

Affidavit of Service Form

Request the ARB to speak at your next event

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