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Postal Service Disruption – Alternate Delivery Methods

June 23, 2016 | Environment & Land Tribunals Ontario

Due to the possibility of a postal service disruption, the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario (ELTO) is using alternate methods of service delivery.

Receiving Documents from ELTO

Tribunal staff will email documents, notices and orders to clients who’ve provided email addresses. If an email address has not been provided then the document will be faxed to the client. If email or fax is not an option, time sensitive documents, as identified by the tribunals, will be couriered to the client.

Clients that are in the Greater Toronto Area may also choose to pick-up the document in person at the Public Inquiry desk 655 Bay Street on the 15th floor.

Sending Documents to ELTO

During the postal service disruption, clients are encouraged to serve document to ELTO electronically by e-mailing the respective tribunals’ general e-mail inbox or directly to the case worker assigned to the file. If e-mail service is not possible, clients may choose to send documents by fax or courier, or deliver them in person.

During the postal service disruption, ELTO anticipates receipt of higher than normal faxes. It is the responsibility of the parties serving ELTO to confirm documents have been received in their entirety.

Tribunal Contact Information for Receiving Documents

Tribunal/ Board E-mail Address Fax Number(s)
Assessment Review Board assessment.review.board@ontario.ca Toronto: (416) 314-3717

Toll Free: 1-877-849-2066

Board of Negotiations board.of.negotiation@ontario.ca (416) 326-6209
Conservation Review Board conservation.review.board@ontario.ca (416) 326-6209
Environmental Review Tribunal ERTTribunalSecretary@ontario.ca Toronto: (416) 326-5370

Toll Free: 1-877-849-2066

Ontario Municipal Board ontario.municipal.board@ontario.ca (416) 326-5370
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