LPAT Introduces New Initiatives to Address Former Ontario Municipal Board Matters

July 29, 2019 | News

A number of new proactive case management initiatives are being introduced to address the volume of legacy appeals from the former Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

To promote the early resolution of disputes, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) will be offering priority settlement hearing times. These priority hearing times are only offered for matters received by the former OMB prior to April 3, 2018.  This new initiative, launching in the fall of 2019, would allow up to four settlements to be heard per day, docket style, one week per month at LPAT’s Toronto office.

Eligibility criteria, a filing materials checklist and application form are now available. 

Another new initiative to make the process more efficient requires parties to submit a hearing plan for all types of appeals that will need a hearing of more than two days.  These plans will help improve scheduling, promote better time management and ensure the Tribunal is providing enough time to deal with the matter.

Other proactive measures include:

  • Scheduling two prehearing conferences per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon;
  • Continuing to review inactive files to identify how the Tribunal can help the parties move the matter to final disposition; and
  • Considering written arguments and submissions to achieve greater efficiency.

These initiatives are consistent with Tribunals Ontario’s commitment to promoting early resolution of matters using a variety of dispute resolution methods.

LPAT will continue to ensure we utilize efficient processes and are responsive to the needs of stakeholders.

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