Welcome to ELTO

Welcome to our website. The tribunals have a key role in resolving disputes, within the applicable legislative framework, to support strong, healthy communities and achieve outcomes that are in the public interest.

Our hearings are held to receive evidence that forms the basis of our decisions. We do not have the jurisdiction to solve all the problems that citizens bring to us and even within our jurisdiction we must have evidence on which to base our decisions. Our hearings follow an often lengthy process in which people have already participated. In many instances, a successful outcome for someone can depend on their participating early in the process at the relevant municipal or provincial level. It is important that parties come to their hearings properly prepared. We have a number of resources on our site to help you:

    • information sheets on specific topics
    • guides to the Boards
    • web pages that give an overview of the process
    • the Assessment Review Board has a video of a sample hearing

Our hearings and their outcomes are better when everyone involved understands our processes.We cannot provide legal advice, but we can clarify our processes for you. For general information you can speak to Public Inquiry.  For more complex inquiries you may speak to the Citizen Liaison Office. Questions about your specific case may be routed to a Case Coordinator.  ELTO has a complaints policy and process (PDF) . Each citizen who sends in a complaint receives a response.

We hope you visit this site regularly for updates on ELTO’s work, and to share with me your views on how we can improve our service to the people of Ontario.

For more information, please read the core roles of ELTO’s constituent tribunals in About ELTO.