OMB Information

OMB Members and Staff

Executive Chair

Dr. Bruce Krushelnicki

Associate Chair

James McKenzie

Legal Counsel

Stan Floras, Legal Counsel

Board Secretary and Case Management

Mary Ann Hunwicks, Registrar/Secretary (416) 326-5378

Euken Lui, Lead, Case Coordinators (416) 326-5363

Matthew Bryan, Lead, Case Coordinators (416) 212-9728


Monica Patricio, Communications Consultant (Media contact) (416) 326-6787

Citizen Liaison Coordinator (416) 326-6792


The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints Members to the Ontario Municipal Board. For more information on appointments and Members of the Board please visit the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS) website. For biographies and Member information, see the Ontario Municipal Board page on the PAS website.

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