Glossary Terms

Adjournment – An adjournment means that a hearing will be postponed for a later date. To ask for an adjournment, please fill out and submit the Request to Adjourn form.

Affidavit – An affidavit is a written statement made under oath that can be presented as evidence at a hearing.

Applicant – An Applicant is the person or corporation that makes an application to the Board.

Appellant – An Appellant is the person or corporations that makes an appeal to the Board.

Decision – A decision is the final judgement of the Board Member. It may be given orally at the hearing, though a written decision should be issued soon after the hearing.

Electronic Hearing – This is a hearing that is held by telephone conference or some other form of electronic technology.

Hearing Event – This is any form of hearing that takes place at the Board.

Motion – A motion is when a party asks the Board to do something before or during a hearing. For example, a person may ask for certain documents to be presented, ask to have clarification on a procedure or ask to have the proceedings dismissed. If granted, a motion hearing will be held either in person or by telephone conference.

Oral Hearing – An oral hearing is a hearing attended by the parties or their representatives in person before the Board.

Order – A Board decision is final only when it issues a formal Order. The OMB usually issues the Decision and the Order in one document.

Participant – A participant is an individual, group or corporation that may take part in some or all of an OMB hearing.

Party – A party is an individual, group or corporation that is accepted by the Board to be a party and is fully involved in an OMB proceeding.

Pre-hearings – A pre-hearing may be scheduled to clarify complicated issues, including identifying parties and participants, and developing procedures to follow during the hearing.

Representative – A representative is an agent who has been authorized, in writing, to represent a party at an OMB proceeding.

Settlement Conference – This meeting is held between parties involved in an OMB hearing with the intention of resolving some or all of the matters in dispute.

Summons – A summons is a legally binding document that compels a person to attend a hearing as a witness. It can also require the witness to bring certain documents and appear on the date and at the place specified.

Teleconference – A teleconference is a type of hearing that is held over the telephone.

Visual Evidence – This type of evidence, including computer-generated images, photographs, maps, videos, plans, surveys, models and overlays, can be introduced at a hearing event.

Written Evidence – This type of evidence, including reports, letters, charts, graphs, books of account, and information recorded or stored by means of any devices, can be introduced at a hearing event.

Written Hearing – This type of hearing in nature, is held by means of the exchange of documents whether in written form (hard copy) or electronic form.

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