Citizen Liaison FAQ’s

Q: Can the Citizen Liaison speak at my hearing?

A: No, the Citizen Liaison is unable to speak or represent you at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing, council meetings or at the Committee of Adjustment. The Citizen Liaison Office is there to assist you with the Ontario Municipal Board’s processes. The Citizen Liaison must stay neutral and is unable to attend any hearing events and cannot speak for anyone.

Q: Can the Citizen Liaison meet with my community group?

A: Yes. The Citizen Liaison can meet with individuals, groups, companies or corporations that are participating in an Ontario Municipal Board matter.

Q: Where is the Citizen Liaison located?

A: The Citizen Liaison Office is located at 655 Bay Street on the 15th floor in Toronto.

Q: Can I meet with the Citizen Liaison?

A: Yes, you may meet with the Citizen Liaison Officer. Please call the office to make an appointment so you are given the time you need to discuss your matter. The office is open during regular business hours.

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