Municipality/Approval Authority Submission Forms

The following forms are for use by municipalities and approval authorities. These submissions should be sent to the OMB along with the appellant forms received and the required attachments.

These forms should not be used by appellants or their representatives.

If you are not with the municipality or approval authority, please refer to OMB Appeal Forms for Appellant/Applicants. Must be printed single sided ONLY.

Forms Improvements


The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is improving its appeal forms and related municipal submission forms.  The improvements to these forms are intended to improve our stakeholders’ ability to complete the form by providing helpful and concise information in an accessible format.

Improvements will include:

  • A fillable PDF format for easier online completion.
  • Embedded links to helpful information, such as applicable legislation, the OMB website and OMB fee schedule.
  • Forms will provide expanded appeal type options such as heritage appeals, ward boundary and other matters.
  • Multiple municipal submission forms are now simplified into a single form with associated referral checklists.

Printing the forms – In order to print a blank copy of the form, click the ‘Print Blank Form’ button that is available on the top of the first page of the form.  Please do not select ‘Print’ on your computer as this may result in loss of some information within the form.

Submission forms by appeal type
Appeal Type Legislation/Section Submission Form

Official Plans and Amendments

Planning Act: s.17(24), s.17(36), s.17(40), s.22(7)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Zoning By-laws and Amendments

Planning Act: s.34 (11), s.34(19)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Interim Control Zoning By-law

Planning Act: s.38 (4)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Minor Variance

Planning Act: s.45 (12)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Consent to Sever

Planning Act: s. 53(19), s.53(27), s.53(14)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Plan of Subdivision

Planning Act: s.51(34), s.51(39), s.51(43), s.51(48)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Development Charge

Development Charges Act: s.14, s.19(1), s.22(1), s.22(2), s.47, s.50

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Education Development Charge

Education Act: s.257.65, s.257.74(1), s.257.87(1), s.257.87(2)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Aggregate Resources

Aggregate Resources Act: s.11(5), s.11(11), s.13(6), s.16(8), s.18(5), s.20(4)

Municipal/AA Submission Form

Other matters (not listed above)

Various legislation

Municipal/AA Submission Form

For assistance please call (416) 212-6349 or toll free 1-866-448-2248

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