E-Decisions (search tips)


  • Be as specific as you can with your search inquiry. Use the key words that best describe the OMB case. The top 100 results that match your search criteria will be displayed.
  • Include a specific date, month and/or year (if known).
  • Include the municipality (if known).
  • If searching using key words, use the chart below to help define your search criteria.



Keyword search tips and functions
Function Description Example


This returns pages with SIMILAR prefixes

Ex*  to find Example 1, Example 2, etc.


This returns pages with ALL prefixes

Ex** to find Example 1, Example 123, etc.


This returns pages with the BOTH words

Example 1 AND Example 2


This returns pages that contain EITHER words

Example 1 OR Example 2


This returns pages containing one word and NOT the other

Example 1 NOT Example 2


This returns pages that are ranked in ORDER of search hits

Example 1 NEAR Example 2

“ ”

This returns pages with the EXACT phrase that is specified in quotations.

“Example 1”

Note: Adobe Reader (version 5.0 or later) is required to view and print decisions returned from this search. Some OMB Decisions may have attachments, however E-Decisions does not include them at this time. We will continue to update the decision database regularly as new decisions are issued.

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