Review of a Decision

For the OMB to consider a review, you need to prove that it made an error that if known may have changed the decision. The OMB would need proof that it:

  • Acted outside its jurisdiction;
  • Violated natural justice such as by not giving notice of the hearing;
  • Heard false or misleading evidence that could have changed the decision; or
  • Should consider new evidence not available at the time of the hearing that could change the decision.

The OMB will turn down review requests that provide the same evidence or re-argue the issues. Requests for a review of an OMB decision must be received within 30 days of the date of the decision.

See the OMB’s Rules of Practice and Procedures  for more information and/or review the Here’s what you need to know if you disagree with an OMB decision (PDF) information sheet.

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