Decisions – An Overview

The OMB may give its decision orally at the end of a hearing followed by a written decision. Or the decision may be reserved (written at a later date). The Member(s) who hears the appeal delivers the decision. The decision may not refer to all of the evidence presented at a hearing. It may only refer to the evidence and issues that the OMB considers most relevant.

The public can access OMB decisions two business days after the decision issues. Only decisions issued after January of 2001 are available on the OMB website. Generally, 80 per cent of decisions issue within 45 days of a hearing. More complex decisions may take longer to issue.

An OMB decision speaks for itself. It would be inappropriate for the Board’s administrative or communications staff to paraphrase or attempt to interpret decisions since that creates a risk of distorting and/or confusing the original decision. Letting the written decision speak for itself prevents potential ambiguity and confusion.

Decisions of the OMB become final only when it issues a formal Order. The OMB usually issues the Decision and Order in one document. Sometimes, it may issue a Decision but delay the Order until certain conditions are met.

To view OMB decisions click here.

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