Request an Adjournment

If you wish to request an adjournment (postponement) of a hearing, review the checklist below and fill out the Request to Adjourn Form (PDF). Using this form ensures that you provide the necessary information for the OMB to consider your request to adjourn. In most cases, only a party to a matter can request an adjournment.


  1. Clearly identify your name, address, contact phone/fax numbers, OMB case number, municipality and hearing date.
  2. Identify your role, e.g. applicant, appellant, or municipality.
  3. Clearly and fully note the reasons you are requesting a postponement.
  4. Provide/attach a copy of the consent/positions of all other parties on your request to adjourn. (Please note: It is the responsibility of the person seeking the adjournment to contact the other parties and seek their consent/position on the request. If you are unable to obtain the consent of the other parties, you must provide the details of your efforts to obtain the consents in your request to the OMB. The OMB will only grant requests in the absence of the consents under exceptional circumstances.)
  5. Clearly identify the length of time that you are requesting that the hearing remain adjourned, and provide a suggested new date, agreeable to all parties.

For further information, please read the information sheet called “Here’s what you need to know about postponing a hearing (PDF).” You may also wish to review the Board’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (Rules 61 to 65) as they address adjournments in further detail. Please click here to link to  The Rules of Practice & Procedure  or they are available by calling the Board at (416) 326-6800 or toll free 1-866-887-8820.

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