How to summons a witness

If you want to make sure that someone who you want to give evidence attends an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, you can ask the OMB to issue a Summons ordering him or her to attend.

Who May Summons a Witness: A party may serve a Summons on a person (in Ontario) who has not agreed to appear as a witness for the party, so he or she can:

  • Give relevant and admissible evidence on oath or affirmation; or
  • Produce any relevant and admissible documents or things at any hearing before the Board.

How to Obtain a Summons: The party must complete the Request for Summons form (PDF) and submit it to the Board. The request must include information about the issues and answer why it is necessary to summons that witness. You may download the Request for Summons form (PDF) using Adobe Reader (version 5.0 or later) or contact the Board for a copy.

For more information about requesting a summons, please read our information sheet Here’s what you need to know about calling witnesses to a hearing (PDF) or read Section 41 of the OMB’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.

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