How Matters Come Before The Board

Usually, an OMB appeal is first submitted to the municipality or approval authority. The municipality/approval authority often has a time limit to forward the appeal to the OMB. When the OMB receives the appeal it’s reviewed and sent to one or more processes.

After reviewing the appeal, the OMB will stream cases to one (or more) of the following events: Mediation, Motion, Pre-hearing or Hearing.

Before any appeal can be scheduled, OMB staff determines if the required supporting documents and associated filing fee have been provided.

The actual hearing date will depend upon the length of time required for the hearing, whether there are any motions to be resolved, the availability of hearing rooms, and the resources available to the Board.

Sometimes, the Board may receive appeals directly. Some are classified as private appeals where the matter is only between the applicant and the municipality/approval authority. These appeals are generally heard when an applicant disagrees with a decision, or there is a refusal to make a decision by the municipality/approval authority. Private appeals can include Site-Plan appeals, Demolition Permits and Expropriation appeals.

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