A participant is an individual, group or corporation that may choose to attend only part of the proceedings but makes a statement to the Board on all or some of the issues in the hearing.

In making submissions to the Board, participants must swear to tell the truth and may be asked questions by the Board, other parties or their representatives. Participants generally do not call witnesses or cross-examine witnesses called by others without the permission of the presiding Board Member(s). Participants cannot ask for costs or request a review of the decision.

Steps to request participant status:

  1. You must attend the first day of the hearing at the start time as given in the notice of appointment. If you are unable to attend, you may lose your privilege to obtain participant status.
  2. At the beginning of the hearing, when the Board Member has asked if anyone wishes to become a party, the Member will also ask if there is anyone who wishes to be added as a participant to this matter. At that time, you need to stand up and ask that you be added as a participant.
  3. Provide the Board Member with your name, including the correct spelling of your name, and your street address to be placed on record.
  4. When it is appropriate (determined by the Board Member and agreed upon by the other parties) you will be allowed to give a statement to the Board Member as a participant. In most hearings that take only a day or two, the participant statements are usually given at the end of the hearing. During a longer hearing, the Board may schedule time for participants to give their statements so they are not required to spend the entire hearing waiting to give their statement.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Citizen Liaison Office.

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