How Can I Participate In A Hearing?

To participate in a hearing, you must be either a party or a participant.

A party in a case includes an individual or corporation set out in the legislation to be parties to a matter. For example, in the case of a zoning by-law passed by a municipality and appealed to the Board, the parties may be the municipality, the applicant for the rezoning, and any persons who filed an appeal to the Board against the zoning by-law.

There are different provisions that an individual must meet in order to be granted party status. In some instances to be added as a party, one must have made oral submissions at a public meeting, or written submissions to the council, or committee of adjustment prior to a plan being adopted. Also, the Board may add a party if it is in the opinion that there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body. If you are unsure, please look at the Planning Act and the specific section in which the original appeal was filed under. See an overview of the responsibilities a party has at a hearing.

A participant is a person, group or corporation that may choose to attend only part of the proceedings but makes a statement to the Board on all or some of the issues in the hearing. One does not need to have given oral or written submissions at council or with the committee of adjustment to be added as a participant. See an overview of the responsibilities a participant has at a hearing.

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