BON Process

Requesting a meeting

If you would like to ask the BON to hold a negotiation meeting, fill out our Notice of Negotiation Form. There is no cost to hear your matter at the BON.

Send a copy of the form to:

  1. The BON at 655 Bay Street, 15th Floor, Toronto ON M5G 1E, and
  2. The other party (the authority).

When the BON receives your request, you will be sent an acknowledgement letter. This letter may ask you to provide the Board with your availability for scheduling the meeting.

For more information, please see our information sheets here.

Scheduling your meeting

Before scheduling your meeting, the Board looks at:

  • Your availability
  • The availability of the Board
  • The location of the meeting
  • The accessibility of the location.

Meetings that deal with land in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) usually take place at the Board’s offices in Toronto. If the subject property is located outside of the GTA, meetings may be held at the local municipal office, at a lawyer’s office or even someone’s home.

When your meeting is scheduled, the Board sends you and the other party a notice that says:

  • The location of the meeting
  • The time and date of the meeting
  • Whether any other materials should be sent to the Board.

If parties settle before a meeting, they should tell the Board and the meeting will be cancelled.

For more information, please read Your Meeting and After Your Meeting.

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