How To File An Appeal

Step Three – Filing Your Appeal

The OMB has prepared specific forms for the most common types of appeals made to the Board. If you cannot find the type of appeal form that applies to your matter, please contact the Board for assistance.

OMB Appeal Forms

OMB Fee Schedule

Sending your appeal to the OMB

Some appeals are sent to the municipality first and are forwarded to the OMB. Some appeals are filed directly to the OMB. Please check the first page of the appeal form to see where to send it. Where an appeal is to be filed directly to the OMB please send by mail or deliver in person with the *correct filing fee to:

Ontario Municipal Board

655 Bay Street, 15th Floor

Toronto ON M5G 1E5

*The filing fee must be paid by certified cheque or money order, made payable to the Minister of Finance. Do not make the cheque payable to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Next step of the appeal process