Municipality/Approval Authority Submission Forms

The following forms are for use by municipalities and approval authorities. These submissions should be sent to the OMB along with the appellant forms received and the required attachments.

These forms should not be used by appellants or their representatives.

If you are not with the municipality or approval authority, please refer to OMB Appeal Forms for Appellant/Applicants. Must be printed single sided ONLY.

Recent changes to the Planning Act by the Smart Growth For Our Communities Act, 2015 (Bill 73) may affect the OMB appeal process.

The Board has updated its current forms to take into account the legislative changes. Please make sure to review and complete the forms to provide the required information and documents in accordance with Bill 73.

Note: The recent changes also provide opportunities for councils or the Minister to order the use of dispute resolution for certain appeals, before the appeal is submitted to the OMB. In these cases, the customary 15-day period to submit the appeal to the OMB is extended to 75 days. No additional documentation or forms are required.

Submission forms by appeal type
Appeal Type Legislation/Section Submission Form

Official Plans and Amendments

Planning Act: s.17(24), s.17(36), s.17(40), s.22(7)

OP and OPA Submission Form

OP and OPA Submission Form R1 Word

OP and OPA Submission Form R1 PDF

Zoning By-laws and Amendments

Planning Act: s.34 (11), s.34(19)

ZBL and ZBLA Submission Form

ZBL and ZBLA Submission Form R2 Word

ZBL and ZBLA Submission Form R2 PDF

Interim Control Zoning By-law

Planning Act: s.38 (4)

ICB Submission Form

ICB Submission Form R2 Word

ICB Submission Form R2 PDF

Minor Variance

Planning Act: s.45 (12)

MV Submission Form

MV Submission Form R3 Word

MV Submission Form R3 PDF

Consent to Sever

Planning Act: s. 53(19), s.53(27), s.53(14)

Consent Submission Form

Consent Submission Form R4 Word

Consent Submission Form R4 PDF

Plan of Subdivision

Planning Act: s.51(34), s.51(39), s.51(43), s.51(48)

Subdivision Submission Form

Subdivision Submission Form R5 Word

Subdivision Submission Form R5 PDF

Development Charge

Development Charges Act: s.14, s.19(1), s.22(1), s.22(2), s.47, s.50

DC Submission Form

DC Submission Form R6 Word

DC Submission Form R6 PDF

Education Development Charge

Education Act: s.257.65, s.257.74(1), s.257.87(1), s.257.87(2)

Education DC Submission Form

Education DC Submission Form R6 Word

Education DC Submission Form R6 PDF

Aggregate Resources

Aggregate Resources Act: s.11(5), s.11(11), s.13(6), s.16(8), s.18(5), s.20(4)

Aggregate Resource Submission Form

Aggregate Resource Submission Form R7 Word

Aggregate Resource Submission Form R7 PDF

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