Active Cases

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CRB Active Cases

CRB Active Cases
File # Property Municipality Hearing Event
CRB1402 18-22 and 24-28 King Street East City of Hamilton
CRB1501 14220 Old Scugog Road Township of Scugog
CRB1505 Archaeological Licensing N/A
CRB1507 5781 Highland Avenue City of Niagara Falls
CRB1509 131 Farnham Avenue City of Toronto
CRB1602 22 William Street City of Brampton
CRB1605 12061 Hurontario Street City of Brampton March 30, 2017
Pre-hearing Settlement Conference (Parties Only)
CRB1606 19 John Street City of Brampton April 24-25, 2017
CRB1607 285 Ainslie Street South City of Cambridge June 26, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1608 150 Laird Drive City of Toronto
CRB1609 16051 Marsh Hill Road Township of Scugog April 6, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1610 6840 Fourteenth Avenue City of Markham May 2, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1611 351 Lake Shore Boulevard City of Toronto March 7, 2017
Pre-Hearing Conference
CRB1612 34 Oxford Street Town of Richmond Hill February 23, 2017
Pre-Hearing Conference
CRB1614 69 Long Branch Avenue and 24 Marina Avenue City of Toronto April 25-26, 2017
CRB1616 260 High Park Avenue City of Toronto March 27, 2017
Pre-Hearing Conference
CRB1617 4402 Colonel Talbot Road City of London January 30-February 1, 2017 Hearing
CRB1618 221 Mary Street Township of Scugog March 22, 2017
Pre-hearing Settlement Conference (parties only)
CRB1619 13200 Yonge Street Town of Richmond Hill February 24, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1620 17923 Shaws Creek Road Town of Caledon
CRB1621 68 Baby Point Road City of Toronto April 5, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1622 1477 Bayview Avenue City of Toronto
CRB1701 232 Dundas Street West Town of Greater Napanee February 17, 2017
Pre-hearing Conference
CRB1702 78 Ontario Street City of Toronto
CRB1703 90 Ontario Street City of Toronto
CRB1704 245 Queen Street East City of Toronto
CRB1705 384 Richmond Street East City of Toronto
CRB1706 410 Richmond Street East City of Toronto