After you receive your Notice of Hearing, you should be prepared to attend your hearing.

However, if you cannot attend, you may request that the hearing be adjourned (postponed) to a later date. Your request should:

  • Be sent to the Board, in writing, as soon as you know a delay is needed;
  • Include the reasons for the delay;
  • Include proof that the other parties involved (i.e. MPAC and the municipality) agree to the delay.

Just sending your request to the Board does NOT mean that your hearing has been adjourned. The Board does not always grant adjournment requests. The Board will inform you of its decision on your request. You are expected to attend your hearing unless the Board informs you of any changes to your hearing date. Failure to show up for your hearing could result in your case being dismissed.

If you must make a last minute request to adjourn, please contact the Board right away to discuss your reasons.

For more information about adjournments, please see: