Mandate, Mission & Values


ELTO is a group of five tribunals that resolve appeals, applications and other disputes, under some 100 statutes, in relation to land use planning, environmental and heritage protection, property assessment, land valuation and other matters.


ELTO and its constituent tribunals will strive for excellence and demonstrate the highest standards of public service in:

  • delivering modern, fair, accessible, effective and timely dispute resolution services;
  • demonstrating consistency in procedures and outcomes while remaining responsive to differing cases and party needs, and to an evolving development of the law;
  • responding to the needs of diverse stakeholder communities;
  • resolving disputes, within the applicable legislative framework, to support strong, healthy communities and achieve outcomes that are in the public interest.

Core Values

Core values are the guiding principles of ELTO and the foundation on which its constituent Tribunals fulfill their mandates.


  • Publications, communications and facilities, including hearing and mediation rooms, will provide for full and equitable access.
  • Diversity will be fully respected and reflected in all that ELTO does.
  • Processes will be designed in a way that facilitates informed participation. Proceedings will be conducted in a manner which is welcoming and respectful.
  • Practices and procedures will provide for a meaningful, effective opportunity to be heard on the relevant issues to be resolved in a particular case.


  • Proceedings will be conducted impartially. Decisions will be principled and based on the facts, the applicable law and policy, and on the merits of the case.


  • Tribunal procedures, rules, policies and decisions will be clear and readily available to the public. Reasons for decisions will be concise and will explain how the decision was reached.


  • Proceedings will be conducted in a timely and expeditious manner and will be proportional to the issues that must be determined to resolve the dispute.
  • Decisions will be issued as soon as possible after a proceeding.

Integrity, Professionalism and Independence

  • Members and staff will act with honesty, integrity and professionalism, exhibiting the highest standards of public service.
  • Members and staff will work together to build public confidence in ELTO, its constituent tribunals and the administration of justice.
  • ELTO and its constituent tribunals must be, and be seen to be, neutral, unbiased and independent from improper influence.
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